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Fitz and the Pin

This is been mentioned a couple of times but I find Fitz’s decision to continue wearing the flag pin Olivia gave him as really significant. I remember someone saying that the Eisenhower pin was like a wedding band for Fitz’s relationship with Olivia. It is what ties him to their relationship and reflects his (undying) love for her. It’s also worn on his left lapel…closest to his heart. I know that he still wears his wedding ring from his marriage to Mellie however it’s is worn for show, to deceive everyone into believing their marriage is real. Here are some post-Defiance reveal shots of Fitz wearing the Eisenhower pin:


2x13 Nobody Likes Babies


2x14 Whiskey Foxtrot Tango  


And the upcoming episode, 2x15 Boom Goes the Dynamite

Just a little tidbit, the wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger because the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks believed that the ring finger on the left hand had a vein that was directly connected to the heart- which is clearly untrue. It is also untrue that Mellie is closest to Fitz’s heart (as suggested through the ancient belief in a “vena amoris”). Olivia is literally and symbolically (position of flag pin vs. left hand-ring finger wedding band) closest to Fitz’s heart. Now only if Olitz could get their relationship together…

(Did you know that pin actually has 48 stars on it? After looking for those photos of Fitz with the pin I realized that the stars run 8 by 6=48…Okay what is my life, sitting here counting the stars on this flag pin?) Anyways…

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