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"But I’ve never left your side."  vs. "I have never left your side." 

This is one of many parallels made in this past weeks episode, Nobody Like Babies. I feel like this is a significant one only because it involves a line said by Liv in the series premiere and a line said by Mellie in what would have been the season 2 finale, which makes me feel like Scandal is running on a cycle or something…

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    Good point…
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    Well she did tell Cy a few episodes ago that if the Defiance thing came out she would “deny, deny, deny”. So there you...
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    Nearly every scandal she has worked that affects the WH she has had his best interest in mind. Even the Amanda Tanner...
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    Bellamy Mellie has definitely got selective memory y’all … damn I can’t stand her demented ass.
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    When Mellie said that line, I got soooooo pissed. One, those are Liv’s words! Two, this bitch had her bags packed and...
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